Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Lauren Lewey

Lauren is a Baptiste Yoga teacher on a mission. Lauren has formed a movement called Power Yoga Alabama, whose mission is to bring yoga to every and any organization they possibly can. Right now, Lauren teaches regular classes in a bar, at Pathway Alternative School, at elementary schools, seasonally for the University of Alabama Swim Team and has just started classes for the local Abuse Center.

Lauren lives in action and is open to teaching anywhere that will let her. “The tools Baptiste Yoga has given me completely transformed my own life. It showed me how to get out of my own way and live powerfully, in the moment, and how to step into fear and completely new situations with open eyes and ears. Yes, physically Baptiste Yoga has created strength but mentally has changed my life.”

Lauren has been twice to Africa with Africa Yoga Project and continues to be inspired by the miracles that happen everyday within that organization. This year Lauren began assisting Baptiste Programs and is READY to learn and grow more within this Baptiste family that lights her up so much!

Lauren lives in Enterprise Alabama with her husband and twin sons. She is grateful to God for leading her path to Baron, all her teachers and close friends she has met along this journey
Lauren Lewey
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Power Yoga Alabama