Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Kristy Summers

I discovered my passion for teaching while coaching young gymnasts as a teenager. Later, facing extreme stress at work and at the urging of a friend, I found myself in a hot, sticky room taking my first yoga class and was immediately hooked, practicing every day. After meeting Baron Baptiste in 2004, I felt the urgency to share his powerful yoga series and philosophy with others. I am now a Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher, and I have trained with Baron since 2005. I have also studied with many Baptiste Master Teachers including Gregor Singleton, Coeli Marsh, Claire Este-McDonald and Lisa Black. I enjoy assisting Baron/BPYI at multiple Baptiste/BPYI programs, teacher trainings and Digital 40 Days programs; I was honored to be in the two most recent Baptiste Yoga DVDs; and I am a member of the Baptiste Teacher Leader Body. When I moved to Bellevue, WA just over 4 years ago from Boulder, CO, I began teaching at Shakti East – one of the 3 Baptiste Affiliate Yoga Studios in the state of Washington.

I love the simplicity of Baron’s series and how it is appropriate for any level student. Baron’s flow and teaching philosophy allows students to get fully into their bodies, and out of their heads…and when that happens, their hearts naturally begin to open up as they step out of their comfort zone, drop what they know and shift their vision – uncovering a whole new way of being their authentic self. Through this yoga and Baron’s inspiration, I have learned that ANYTHING is possible, to believe in myself, and to come into my power – and then, I can help others find their power.
In addition to teaching yoga, I currently spearhead global sales enablement for a large, enterprise software and services corporation based in Walldorf, Germany. I also am the co-author of “The Fruit Feast” – a book that guides readers through a 3-day fruit-only cleanse to support Baron’s “40 Days to a Personal Revolution” book. Learn more at, or get started today and purchase a copy from Baron’s website at
Kristy Summers
Find Kristy at:

Shakti Vinyasa Yoga | Seattle

2238 NW Market Street, Seattle
T: (206) 297-YOGA (9642)