Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Karen Conley

Karen created Amazing Yoga to share the transforming powers of yoga that she has discovered. Through her compassion and commitment, it is her desire to inspire others to embark upon the yoga journey.  She gets excited to share all the discoveries that her continuous practice has revealed.  The movement of yoga has become her medicine. Yoga has become a place for her to reconnect with her own spirit.

Karen graduated from Fordham University where she studied English.  She began teaching in several public school systems. She later began leading teenagers in outdoor education where they would spend an extremely challenging week in the provincial parks of Canada. She loved helping people see their potential.  After taking a workshop with Baron Baptiste she realized this was the perfect blend.  Witnessing students use the yoga practice as a place to face perceived challenges in a safe environment and move beyond where they were was life changing.

Karen has been assisting Baron Baptiste and leading workshops and teacher trainings for the past 6 years. She is a certified Baptiste teacher.  As a new overly exhausted mother, she found this practice healing.  She gets excited to share this practice with her students. Her classes are energetic, challenging and will awaken your spirit.  She is thankful to Baron for creating a spark within her to share this practice and way of life with her students and her family.  Having 4 children has a way of keeping life real for Karen.

Yoga for me is practice that insists that I continue to take a closer look at how I can create change and balance in my life.  I use that as a platform to inspire others to really invest in their own lives and to get passionate about themselves and all they have to offer.  This yoga can do that for anyone.  I invite you to come and experience the life changing power of vinyasa flow yoga!

Karen Conley
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Amazing Yoga

5823 Ellsworth Avenue, Pittsburgh