Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Julia Willingham

Since an early age, I’ve had BIG aspirations. Adults chuckled at my plan of being a part-time doctor and part-time ballerina when I grew up.  After a path with plenty of twists, turns, ups, and downs, here I am: a doctor in residency and a Baptiste yogi and teacher.  Through my practice of Baptiste yoga, I have cultivated things which are important to me: a healthy body, focused mind, self-trust, and vitality. I teach to share this way of being with you; to give you space to not only create what is important to you, but to be it.

What are my classes like? We sweat and flow like nobody’s business. There will be times of muscle-shaking, burning, and discomfort as well as laughter, calm, and deep relaxation. My classes are true to the Baptiste Methodology with a focus on the student. You. I invite you to join me for a class and see what it’s really all about. I guest teach at Explore Yoga in Shreveport, Louisiana as well as Baptiste studios in Texas including Big Yoga (Houston), Indigo Yoga (Fort Worth), and The Yoga Stand (Lubbock).  Don’t forget to introduce yourself and say hello!

Julia Willingham
Find Julia at:

Big Yoga

3115 Allen Parkway, 1st Floor, Houston
T: 832-291-0977