Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Jessica Grundig

Jessica came to her first yoga class in 2002 at the Baptiste Studio in Cambridge. Having an active and athletic background, she fell in love with the practice immediately. Although initially her intention was to get a “good work out,” what she found was much deeper than that. Yoga opened the doors to a new way of being!

“I noticed that the more I committed to my yoga practice, the more shifts and changes I saw in my body, but most importantly the flexibility and peace I found in my mind. I am so inspired, grateful and open to all that life has to offer. I can’t imagine where my life would be if I didn’t have yoga in it.”

Jessica’s journey to becoming a yoga teacher was a natural progression over the years from student to assistant and then teacher. “I had never imagined being a yoga teacher, but I had so much love for the practice and the way it made me feel that teaching seemed like the next layer to explore.”

Jessica, now a Certified Baptiste Teacher, has taught at both Baptiste Studios in Cambridge and in Brookline. She has trained with Baron Baptiste, attending Level 1 and Level 2, and also taken a teacher training with Philip Urso, and has traveled with Baptiste Institute as an assistant at bootcamps and teacher trainings. Jessica studies Shiatsu and Thai Massage and is a Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist. Currently Jessica works as a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist and the Director of the Group Program on the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital. She loves sharing yoga, meditation and transformational work with her patients and she has watched the healing quality of yoga, meditation and mindfulness inquiry work for so many patients.

Jessica is very grateful to yoga and all the ways it has changed her life. Yoga has set her on a path that is forever evolving and expanding. “The true practice is the art of teaching yoga on and off the mat!”

Jessica Grundig
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