Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Jennifer Wright

As a child, Jennifer loved going to Bible Camp and learning about virtues. The concept of faith, hope, and love was fascinating to her. It was when she first stepped on a yoga mat in 1999 that the concept became her reality. Through vinyasa, the virtues of faith,hope and love were no longer a concept but an energy that was freely flowing through her. As she opened her body, her mind became still, and her spirit was filled with virtue.  Through the continuing study of yoga, she has also discovered and experienced the four other virtues brought to us by Aristotle and Plato; temperance, wisdom, justice, and courage.

While attending Baptiste Boot Camp Level 1 and Level 2 Jennifer began to understand the importance of sharing what needed to be shared. With this in mind, Jennifer completed her Baptiste 200 Hour certification, took a leap of faith, opened her own yoga studio and found the courage to express what was present in her heart.

Jennifer spends most her of her time empowering others through teaching yoga, healthy eating, and how to enjoy life. After taking one of her power vinyasa classes you will feel rejuvenated and will be able to to take the inspiration received from class and make it relevant in your every day life.

You may also be interested in participating in one of Jennifer’s healthy cooking classes or watching one of her “In the Kitchen with Jennifer the Fit Foodie” television segments on ABC. Once you taste the food, you will hope for more, love the way you feel, and awaken to possibility.

Jennifer feels blessed to have been given the knowledge of the virtues created so long ago and how to apply them to live a life that she loves as a modern day yogi.

Jennifer would like to thank Baron and his staff for their guidance and encouragement. Journeying into power, while seemingly difficult at times, is well worth the effort!

Jennifer Wright is the owner of Urban Body Sanctuary, a Registered Nurse, a 200 Hour Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, Nutritional Specialist, and is featured on ABC’s -
Insight 21 Alive as “In the Kitchen with Jennifer – The Fit Foodie.”

Jennifer Wright
Find Jennifer at:

Urban Body Sanctuary

4930 Illinois Road, Suite F, Fort Wayne, IN 46804
T: (260) 432-YOGA