Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Jacqueline Glasgow

After a divorce and moving to Naples, FL – Jacqueline’s once solid yoga practice began slipping. She found herself in a precarious relationship and came to the realization that her focus was no longer where she wanted it to be. She suffered with a short bout of depression, which she sees as a gift – her wake up call. Suddenly, a newfound awareness and clarity helped send her back to her practice, where she found the courage to clear out toxic relationships and create healthy space. Fast forward to the present, she is happier then she has been in her life. Jacqueline has created healthy relationships with her fiancé, friends, family, students, and HERSELF!

“My life is in continuous creation and every day I am filled with love, joy and gratitude …Yoga has the capacity to heal not only our bodies, but our minds and hearts as well. Yoga allows us all to see who we truly are and always have been. Yoga is not a destination found in achieving a certain pose, it is a beautiful and playful journey. I sincerely believe that living our yoga each day, whether we are gardening or waiting in line at the market, will collectively make this world a better place!”

Jacqueline is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, and has completed Baptiste Level 3 Training. Jacqueline has also studied with Bryan Kest, David Life and Sharon Gannon, Johnny Kest and Tony Robbins.

Jacqueline Glasgow
Find Jacqueline at:

Naples Yoga Center

13240 Tamiami Trail N, #206, Naples, FL 34110
T: 239-592-4809