Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Irene Auma

Everybody should practice yoga because it heals wounds and it is all about unity around the world. It also helps reduce stress and it’s a job for jobless people. The breath of yoga has helped me concentrate, reduce stress, and open my lungs. Without my yoga practice I would not be able to support myself or my family.

The slums are empty and lacking potential, but by bringing in yoga we have brought in new possibilities for everyone. The most important thing yoga has taught me is integrity and to create space for myself.

Doing yoga together in the community gives me motivation. When we do yoga together I cannot give up! When I’m on my mat I feel connected to the fresh air, the world, and my community.

Irene Auma
Find Irene at:

Africa Yoga Project

Shine Center, Diamond Plaza, 4th Floor, 4th Avenue, Nairobi