Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Heather Sheehan

Heather’s yoga journey began in 2002 on her mat at the Baptiste studio in Cambridge, MA. Earlier the same year, Heather was seriously injured in a car accident. The accident left her with chronic back and shoulder pain that affected every aspect of her life. After exhausting all traditional Western medical remedies, she discovered Baptiste Yoga at a class in Cambridge, MA. That was the day her love for yoga began; her back and shoulder pain lessened and disappeared; and her life changed.  After years of practice at the Baptiste studio, paired with the desire to learn and grow, Heather went to Level One Training with Baron Baptiste in 2008 and Level Two Training in 2011, further deepening her passion for yoga and desire to share with others.

While living in Washington, D.C., Heather began teaching and has never looked back. After ten years of devoted practice, study, and countless workshops and trainings, Heather’s passion remains the catalyst for her inspirational teaching.

Heather teaches an energetic class that will inspire you to go to your edge in an honest, compassionate way. Expect to feel lighter, physically and emotionally.

Heather Sheehan
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