Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Hanna Riley

Hanna Riley is a Certified Baptiste teacher at Bala Vinyasa Yoga, a Baptiste-Affiliate studio in Naples, and a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

In her classes, Hanna encourages her students to embrace willingness over sheer willpower and to expand their perceived edge with curiosity and kindness. She adds a flirtation with gravity to class, sharing her immense love for all forms of standing on her hands. On the mat, she has learned that sometimes we have to shift our perspective to realize new possibilities, even when that means forgoing standing on our feet and trusting that our hands are just as capable! Hanna has a strong ability to teach technique, walking her students step-by-step through basic and more challenging asana.
Through yoga, Hanna has discovered strength and pliability in her body, and a deep honor for her physical home. Yoga has taught her that her body is a temple and a vehicle that transports her through the world, enabling her to impact it for the better. She endeavors to make Mother Teresa’s words a reality, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”

When not teaching yoga, you can find her living it by participating in other activities that excite her spirit. Whether writing, drawing, scrapbooking her travels, listening to music, or hangin’ out in Handstand pretty much anywhere there’s a space to, Hanna loves to embrace her creative spark.

Hanna Riley
Find Hanna at:

Bala Vinyasa Yoga | Naples

6200 Trail Blvd. North, Naples