Senior Teacher:
Gregor Singleton

I practice Baptiste yoga because it deepens my understanding of Yoga and my appreciation of life.

I teach Baptiste yoga because it is the platform from which I live my life.

Gregor Singleton grew up in Scotland. He studied English Literature and Theatre at Trinity College, Dublin and trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. It was while he was a classical stage actor in London that he took his first yoga class. More fully engaged with his body, he began to see that the truest form of self expression was not to be on a stage playing at being someone else, but to fully and completely inhabit his own being. After a few years of exploring the power of transformational work, Gregor found Baptiste Yoga, and at once saw that its intense physicality offered unique opportunities for breaking free of disempowering cycles and patterns, creating a safe atmosphere for students to take on and fully engage with their own lives.

Gregor is thrilled to be a part of this powerful community. ¬†Gregor sees his classes as a chance to step outside the everyday and explore the energetic possibilities of the group — possibilities that continually amaze and delight him. He plays a larger role in widening the reach of the Baptiste community by leading workshops and bootcamps across the country and around the world. At these events, he has been honored to faciliate a process where participants tap into their full potential and take on new levels of accountability and authorship for their lives. The transformations he has witnessed nourish and encourage his own continuing transformation.

“Simply being a part of the Baptiste community is a remarkable gift. To have a role in its leadership and stewardship is tremendously rewarding and enlivening. In the transformational power of Baptiste yoga, I find the culmination of the many and diverse passions of my life.”

Gregor Singleton
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