Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Greg Duke

Greg began practicing yoga many years ago to help correct the damage he did to his body from smoking. It helped immensely, after a few months he was off of the medications that were prescribed to him and he was breathing normal . The style of yoga he was doing no longer fit, so he put his practice on hold for awhile and worked as a personal trainer. He needed to return a few years later to improve his flexibility and balance and to correct some injuries, whiplash included. Greg was directed to Orlando Power Yoga where they taught Baptiste style Vinyasa, he came with an open mind and a healthy enthusiasm. He discovered that this style of practice feels great and resonates with him a feeling of home. Greg has seen amazing improvements in his body, whiplash gone, much less injuries and better posture as well. Greg decided to become a yoga instructor after receiving so many awesome gifts yoga has freely given him. He realized it was time to give back to his community that which he has gratefully received.

In 2010 Greg received his certificate to teach Baron Baptiste style Power Yoga from Mark White in Jacksonville, FL. He continued on the path and in October 2012 he became an enthusiastic, powerful, and mindful Baptiste Yoga Instructor. He has studied with many big named Yogi’s in that time, but he resides true that Baptiste Power Vinyasa is his home.

Greg teaches, and is the Studio manager at Orlando Power Yoga in Orlando Florida

“My goal is to motivate and inspire my students to open their life to new possibilities and allow themselves to trust that which life has to offer. When we come to our mat with willingness and acceptance, compassion and enthusiasm, we walk away with a new found freedom. Ultimately we discover a power within strong enough to create change not only in ourselves, but in every person we come into contact with.”

“I began to practice yoga to fix what was wrong with my body, I continue to practice for the calmness and ease I feel deep in my soul, and to fuel my passion for  constant evolving change.”

Greg Duke
Find Greg at:

Orlando Power Yoga

2415 East South Street Orlando, FL 32803
T: 407-719-0101