Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Denise Deline

I began practicing yoga in 2008 as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. This evolved to a wonderful opening of empowerment, love, gratitude and a greater appreciation for life. Yoga has taught me to look inside rather than outside myself. I realized I donʼt have to go far to discover new things about myself; these things are always with me and I just need to keep finding ways to unlock all the potential I possess! I am opening up to new ways to connect to those around me everyday. I started teaching yoga in 2010 after attending Levels One and Two. I received my certification in 2011. One of the greatest things I have discovered is my yoga never ends, there is always something else to discover about life and itʼs wonderful to share it with others.

Denise Deline
Find Denise at:

Divine Yoga Company

105 N. Lafayette Ste. 100, South Lyon