Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Dawn Clapp

Dawn came upon Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga in the summer of 2005. She had been practicing and teaching yoga for two years and was looking for an opportunity to deepen her own practice. At the time she was a single mother of two young boys she was also seeking a source of empowerment and peace. Dawn was hooked after her first class, finding not only a practice that challenged her physically, but also an opportunity for personal growth.

Dawn is both an instructor and the Studio Manager at MBody Yoga in Jacksonville Florida. She is known for teaching classes that are both powerful and compassionate. Her joy is witnessing students who are certain they cannot do a certain pose prove to themselves that they can.

Dawn is now remarried and has four children. She is also a birth doula and creator of Momaste, a prenatal workshop that teaches woman how to adapt the Baptiste sequence so they can continue their practice throughout their entire pregnancy.

Dawn Clapp
Find Dawn at:

MBody Yoga | Jacksonville

3807 A Southside Blvd, Jacksonville