Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Dave Kuklentz

When I first started practicing yoga, I was inspired and surprised by the challenge of the physical practice. After a few months, I saw that yoga works on strength, flexibility, balance, and focus of my whole life, not just the body. The asana practice and my attempts to land a well aligned pose were aligning me internally.

After several more months of almost daily practice, I saw my life in a new way, and much of what I saw had been draining me for years. The pot got stirred and I almost quit practicing. Anything that was misaligned got cast out, and I had a lot of resistance. I have found the level of discomfort I experience in my practice (of life) is equal to how much I keep what no longer works. And the level of joy is equal to how much I release.

With encouragement from others, I took the teacher training offered at Yoga One, a Baptiste Affiliate. I then went on to take Level One, Two, and Three. As a result, I have been catapulted into leadership, teaching, playing big, having fun, and getting my blind spots exposed. This process allows me to show up present and awake for my life and others. For me, this is the higher purpose of yoga, and I find great joy and purpose in sharing this with others. Come to one of my classes and I will share it with you.

Practicing Yoga does not make me whole, it allows me to experience that I already am. See you on the mat!

Dave Kuklentz
Find Dave at:

Yoga One

1318 Central Avenue - D2, Charlotte