Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Crissa Sigl

Crissa started practicing yoga to add something new to her routine running regimen. “At first, I viewed my yoga classes as a way to stretch after a long run and that was it. After a few months, I started noticing the way I felt after a practice: relaxed, rejuvenated, and completely clear-headed. I also noticed that since I had maintained a consistent practice, the painful IT band injury on my left knee had vanished. It was then I realized how powerful Baptiste Yoga is.”

In June 2012 she attended Level 1 training in Sedona, Arizona, Art of Assisting in January 2013 at Indigo, and most recently, Level 2 training in Tulum, Mexico in May 2013. As of September 2013, she is a certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor. She has also enjoyed local workshops at Indigo with Tias Little, Doug Swenson, and Ricky Tran. “I consider Brooke Hamblet to be the main reason I began practicing and teaching yoga. Her knowledge is vast and I always gain new insight from her every time I take her classes.”
“My teaching philosophy focuses on making yoga accessible to EVERY type of person. One of my favorite classes to teach is the Baptiste Basics because it’s so powerful to see new and advanced students come away with something new each time they come in. There is so much power in the process of yoga and witnessing this transformation in students is one of the many reasons I love to teach it!”

When I’m not teaching yoga at Indigo I teach Journalism, Yearbook and Newspaper at Paschal High School. I love living in Ft. Worth with my husband Kyle and our three kitties!

Crissa Sigl
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