Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Christine Miles

For Christine teaching yoga ties together her love for people and yoga. She believes that yoga is about connecting to one’s heart and to other human beings. Christine is inspired by all yogis who continuously show up on their yoga mat despite life’s challenges. With simplicity and compassion she challenges her students to empower themselves by moving up to their edge one step at a time. Her wish is for each person to find equanimity and self-love through the union of the body, soul and mind.

Every day, Christine thrives on living life through these words: “The time to be happy is now, the place to be happy is right here and, the way to be happy is by helping others.”

Her mission is to breath enthusiasm for yoga through our community, to embrace students with respect and understanding while empowering them during their practice, and to be present and attentive to all.  Christine commits to providing a physical challenge to participants in a joyful atmosphere and to inspiring them on the benefits of yoga.

Christine Miles
Find Christine at:

Bala Vinyasa Yoga | Naples

6200 Trail Blvd. North, Naples