Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Christine Aspen

I believe that we are ultimately your own best teachers, and when we embrace yoga as a catalyst for change and growth, there’s a magic that sparks within ourselves. An inner revolution emerges that can change our lives and eventually lead to change in our community and even the world. My goal is to hold a space for awareness, acceptance, expansion, and inspiration for students of all levels and abilities so that they can discover their hidden potential and authentic personal power.

I got my first glimpse of yoga about ten years ago while experimenting with ways to incorporate more stretching into workouts as a distance runner. I returned to yoga some years later at a point of physical and emotional exhaustion. With yoga, I found a quiet space that allowed me to re-connect to what was true in true heart and find love for myself and life again. It also helped to heal my physical body from excessive running injuries. Over time my yoga practice became about seeing beyond my own suffering and reactivity so that I can hold a greater space for others to heal, practice yoga, and have an abundant vision for their life.

Yoga has molded, shaped, and reconditioned the way I make choices. It is a powerful tool that everyone can tap into for themselves. I love to teach and practice yoga because I believe it is a valuable gift that is infinitely interesting and challenging for body, mind, and spirit. I look forward to practicing and deepening my understanding of all aspects of yoga throughout my life and in spreading the messages and practice of yoga to others. My greatest hope is that my classroom will always be a safe haven for openness, healing, compassion and acceptance for students of all levels and abilities.

I am committed to teaching Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and am a certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher. I have completed six teacher trainings and four Assistants Workshops in Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. I have also had the privilege to study at Baron Baptiste’s studios in Boston and Cambridge for 7 years and I have assisted many Baptiste Master Teachers in Baptiste classes and workshops.

Christine Aspen
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