Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Christina Rutan

Christy was initially drawn to yoga because of the way it made her body feel. It was that simple. Having been involved in dance from a young age, yoga was a natural transition for her as an adult. The more classes she took, the more she felt there might be something more. In 2008, she stumbled upon a free class at Franklin Street Yoga. The exhilarating whole-body experience of Power Vinyasa Yoga was exactly what she had not known she was missing.

Soon thereafter, Christy realized her desire to share this experience with others and completed Franklin Street Yoga’s 200-hour teacher certification program. She has trained with various master teachers, including Baron Baptiste, Ana Forrest and John Friend. Christy has also completed Baron Baptiste’s Level 1 and 2 Teacher Trainings.

Christy’s yoga journey has been a great transformation-physically, mentally and spiritually (in spite of her best efforts to the contrary). Although yoga has not helped her survive a great tragedy or overcome an addiction, it has drastically changed her worldview and the way she walks through everyday life. She firmly believes that this is what it’s all about . . . radiating a little more joy, offering a bit more kindness and striving to be a little less reactive in everything you do.

Christy, her boyfriend, Ryan, and their dog, Oliver, are proud to call Durham home. In addition to yoga, Christy’s interests and activities include traveling (near and far), exploring the great outdoors (to a reasonable extent) and experimenting in the kitchen. She is Community Vice President of the Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties and volunteers with Caring House. In her spare time, she works at the North Carolina Business Court in Raleigh.

Christina Rutan
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