Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Brian Lam

I teach Baptiste yoga because: my growth and expansion is about sharing with my students what has been taught to me by my amazing teachers. I am so fortunate to have the space and opportunity to do this through Baptiste Yoga.

I practice Baptiste yoga because: it gives me access to so much more of myself beyond my physical body. When I am able to access my mental, emotional and spiritual body through this practice, so much more is possible in my life.

While Brian had already been practicing yoga since 2001, it wasn’t until fall of 2005 that he came across Baptiste Power yoga. After just one practice at the Boston studio, amazed at how the heat and the sequence of poses allowed him to feel his body for the first time in years, he was hooked.

“I had always been a competitive athlete growing up, playing many sports up through college. When I first started practicing yoga, I brought my competitiveness onto my mat. I did the poses like I was trying to ‘win’ at the game of yoga. It wasn’t until I realized that this practice was an avenue to tap into a powerful energy within myself without having to be competitive – that there was no winning – that my practice shifted into love and compassion for myself.”

Brian never had any intention of becoming a yoga teacher; it just happened naturally. He became an assistant at the BPYI studios in the fall of 2006, which meant that he also had to commit to going to Baptiste Level 1 Teacher Training in Hawaii. After returning from Level 1, he was inspired to start teaching yoga for a non-profit organization. This step into teaching had a huge effect on Brian; he felt it allowed him to make an impact in people’s lives and connect with them in a way that was very different than assisting. In fall of 2007 he attended Level 2 and began teaching for BPYI shortly thereafter. Brian leads an invigorating vinyasa class in which he stresses the importance of individualizing each student’s practice to fit his or her own body. He encourages students to explore and be creative within the framework of the Baptiste flow.

“This practice is accessible by anyone, regardless of size, strength, flexibility or injuries. I’ve had two major surgeries on my shoulder, yet can still practice, take care of my body, and feel the power of my body through this practice. This practice is a very physical practice, but we use the physical to access our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. It helps us achieve things we never thought possible. By being present to our body and breath and by giving ourselves permission to grow, anything and everything can open up for us.”

Brian Lam
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