Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Beth Thomas

My yoga journey really began when I found Baptiste Power Yoga in Jan of 2004. Although I had been teaching already, I felt like I finally found the style of yoga that suited my body and personality, but also fed my spirit and soul. Baron’s teachings have broken me up in so many ways and opened my eyes to possibilities I would have never have considered before. My passion for teaching and sharing yoga lead me pick up my whole life and move to Charleston, SC. Since then I have become more committed to this Baptiste path and 2 years ago opened Charleston Power Yoga, a Baptiste affiliate studio, in historic downtown Charleston with Sarah Frick. I love teaching and sharing this style of yoga because it speaks to everyone in some way. I cant think of anything else I would rather be doing, every day is a gift.

“Since becoming a Certified Baptiste Teacher I have finally stepped into the role as teacher and feel confident as a bad ass teacher. I am supported by area Baptiste studios and teachers as well as BPYI and have opened an affiliate studio, which is thriving, and started a 200 hour teacher training program.”

Beth Thomas
Find Beth at:

Charleston Power Yoga

557 King Street, Suite A, Charleston