Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Ashley Roach

Ashley is known to bring a fiery energy to her teaching while keeping students grounded in reality with clear physical cues. Ashley has a M.S. in Kinesiology & Applied Physiology, is Certified Personal Trainer & a Certified Baptiste Teacher. As a former research scientist and former competitive distance runner she brings a love and appreciation of human physiology to both her studentship and teaching. She is passionate about interweaving yoga and all life experiences into mutually beneficial exploration of body, mind and soul. She finds energy and inspiration by creatively adapting and sharing Baptiste yoga with, runners, golfers, personal training clients and anyone and everyone she meets! She loves being a Mama, enjoying outdoor time with family, homemade chocolate chip cookies and running up mountains!

Ashley Roach
Find Ashley at:

Revolution Power Yoga

51 Eagle Road, Avon
T: 970-748-3176