Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Amber Kilpatrick

Amber was introduced to yoga in 2001. At that time, yoga didn’t speak to her the way typical (Western) forms of exercise did, and she drifted away from the practice. Years later, Amber traveled to Africa to work with children affected by HIV/AIDS. She came back to the States liberated; ready to BE the change. It was at this time yoga began speaking to her in a way she’d never heard before. With the realization that yoga is much more than just a series of poses, and that anyone can harness their personal energy for positive change, Amber began her journey into teaching. Amber is in ongoing training with Baron Baptiste. She is super stoked to share this practice with you and can not wait to witness your own journey into power!

Amber Kilpatrick
Find Amber at:

Funky Buddha Yoga Hothouse

1331 Lake Drive SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506
T: 616-459-YOGA