Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Amanda Cepeda

My life changed when I read and started practicing from Baron Baptiste’s book “Journey Into Power.” The first transformation was the realization that I could stop searching and trying to become something. I already had what I needed within myself.

Through my journey I have realized that by getting myself out of the way I can actually become the best version of myself. In standing for other people I can create space for something bigger within myself and everyone that I encounter. Being of service to others is the most powerful way to be present. In taking action in everything that I do and holding myself accountable I can keep the train moving

forward. Listening to the higher being in myself and others creates a transformative space with endless possibility.  This is why I created AC Power Yoga. I want to share what I have learned, struggled with, laughed at, failed in, stepped into, and created. We all aren’t perfect. Living from fear is keeping us from being as bright and powerful as we can be. Why not live from love and trust? Imagine the possibilities.

Amanda Cepeda
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