Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Alice Riccardi

Alice Riccardi is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher. She completed the Baptiste assisting program in 2001 in Cambridge, Ma and became a teacher there in July of 2003. Alice has assisted regularly at the Cambridge studio and at Baptiste workshops and Bootcamps throughout the country and in Mexico.

After the birth of her daughter Sophia, Alice went “looking” to get her body back, when she discovered the Baptiste studio in Cambridge. Upon entering the studio, Alice felt as if she had found her home. The physical challenge of the practice, the detoxifying heat, and the spirit of the teaching spoke to her on many levels. Based on her years of personal exploration in the realm of transformation, here was a practice that gave her direct access to the power of being present in the moment.

“I have been given a gift in the form of my yoga practice. Baptiste Yoga is the process of life taking shape on your yoga mat. My physical transformation is only the tip of the iceberg in relation to the power of this practice. I have begun to live a life that I could have never imagined was possible. The eight limbs of yoga we hear so much about and struggle to understand are here within the content of this practice. Through this discipline I’ve learned to listen to my own voice and find the joy in discovering that life is a evolutionary process that can unfold all on its own if we can just get out of the way.”

Alice and Charles are the owners of Baptiste Affiliate Portland Power Yoga in Portland, ME

Alice Riccardi
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Portland Power Yoga

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