Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher:
Adrienne Hengels

Adrienne began her love for fitness with figure skating competitions as a little girl. She played sports through high school. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she ran marathons and continues competing in triathlons today. As a means of cross-training, she started practicing yoga. Adrienne dabbled with different styles of yoga until she found Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga — which finally spoke to her heart.

Adrienne came to realize that we can spend our entire life looking for more prestigious jobs, better titles and bigger cities, but we need to listen to our hearts, and take a few leaps of faith to truly grow and create change. In January, 2008, Adrienne left her job as a Marketing Researcher to give the gift of health, fitness, and spiritual well being to the world. She completed Level I and Level II Teacher Training with Baron in 2008, opened Power of Your Om Yoga Studio in Naperville, Illinois, and is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.

Adrienne believes yoga is more than just practicing asanas on a mat. She believes yoga is about being true to our inner voice, dropping our masks, being real, making mistakes, and truly living in the moment. Adrienne considers yoga to be one of her most precious gifts in life, and so she shares this gift with others. In her spare time, Adrienne does all the things she loved as a kid ? swimming, biking, and running as she trains for Ironman triathlons. Adrienne teachers her students that all things are possible if we step outside of our comfort zone, doubt our doubts, face our fears, and truly believe that we are capable of greatness.

Adrienne Hengels
Find Adrienne at:

Power of Your Om Yoga Studio

3075 Book Rd. Suite 147, Naperville