The Benefits of Baptiste Yoga Certification

  • Only Certified Teachers can promote themselves as a Baptiste Yoga teacher.
  • Your Bio and teaching information is posted on
  • Receive a 15% Certified Teacher’s Discount for all Baptiste programs.
  • Only Certified Baptiste Teachers can apply to assist Baptiste Yoga Programs.
  • Exclusive opportunities to contribute to Baptiste Yoga programs – whether assisting, submitting podcasts/videos for the larger community for new programs like Digital 40 Days, or other emerging opportunities to contribute and inspire!

See what these Certified Teachers have to say about the benefits of Baptiste Certification:

“To me, certification is all about commitment -my own commitment to the process and the commitment of the Baptiste Yoga community to empowering my teaching. From Levels One and Two to the videotaping feedback process, I was challenged to grow in ways I never could have imagined. Keeping up with my certification is a priority for me, and attending repeat trainings has kept me in touch with a community that continually supports my growth. Certification with Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga isn’t a piece of paper that says “You’ve finished”, it’s an acknowledgment that I’ve just gotten started.” - Anna Guhin, Certified Baptiste Teacher

“The certification process has been completely empowering for me on a personal, spiritual and material level. As a direct result of committing to the discipline of the certification process, I have more confidence as a teacher and in myself as a person. My classes have grown as well as my yoga studio community. I have been empowered to leave destructive personal relationships.  I’m completely financially independent – all of my income comes from teaching Baptiste Yoga and running my own studio. I continually hear from students how much their lives have changed and benefited from taking my classes and classes at my studio.” -Dechen Zezulka, Certified Baptiste Teacher

Questions? Check out our Certification FAQ or send us an email.