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Three Actions To Make Stuff Happen in 2015

It’s two weeks until 2015 so let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Resolutions. Personally, I don’t like the word. For one thing, I associate it with failure. Also, it insinuates that something I did in 2014 was wrong and … Read More

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A Powerful Teacher is a Powerful Student

My yoga practice and teaching reminds me of my GPS system in my car.  Whenever I take a turn off-course, my ever-faithful Miss Nancy Neverlost (Yes, I named her) seems to find me. “Recalculating,” she whispers, delivering me to my path … Read More

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Teacher Feature: Yvonne Walter

She’s the first Certified Baptiste Teacher in all of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In (fingers crossed) January, her studio—Edmonton Power Yoga—will open and be the area’s first studio dedicated to teaching power yoga inspired by the Baptiste Methodology. We e-sat down … Read More

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Gratitude: Not Just A November Thing

It seems like Thanksgiving started the day after Halloween. It happened all at once: Shops changed their window displays. Grocery stores showcased different merchandise. Yoga teachers altered their class themes. All were asking me to focus on one thing: Gratitude. … Read More

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Teacher Feature: Carrie Hopperstad

Let’s face it: the path of being a leader can sometimes be as lonely as it is rewarding. It doesn’t matter who/what you’re leading—your yoga class, your family, your business, yourself—paving your own path can be draining. Presenting Teacher Feature, … Read More

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The Power Of Drishti

Written by Baptiste Certified Teacher and Leader Teacher Faculty Member, Michel Eubank Spruance. You know the feeling of a “good yoga class.”  That experience of space and peace. Well, I lost it. I’d chalk it up to being a studio owner. … Read More

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Food For Thought: Eating To Feel Good

Consider food. Wait, actually, let’s back up. Consider yoga.  Before yoga, I didn’t acknowledge my body. That is, I didn’t think of it as the strong powerhouse that I know it to be today. I didn’t view it as a … Read More

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I Am Not My Hair

The Baptiste Power Flow Immersion in Colorado started a mere 18 days after from my final scheduled chemotherapy treatment for my second battle with uterine cancer. I was still dealing with nausea, digestion issues, and fatigue. And, I was mostly … Read More

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Grounded in Love, Gratitude and Service

The room was mat-to-mat. Eager bodies spilled out to fill the lobby. Some were seasoned yogis; some had never set foot in a yoga room. They were just excited for a new studio in West Philly. At the front stood … Read More

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Top 5 Takeaways of the Power Flow Immersion

It’s been nearly three weeks since the epic celebration that is the Baptiste Yoga Power Flow Immersion took place in Estes Park. Since that time of community and fun, I’ve experienced a lot of openings. Some occurred right then and … Read More

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