I am 65 years old, and I was a little bit concerned about being able to do the whole weekend. After completing it however, I felt energized and fulfilled. I am registering for Level One!

Bill White
Foundations in Action, Boston 2011

Thank you for a phenomenal weekend! It was energizing, grounding, and life-giving!

Jessica Brown
Foundations in Action, Boston 2011

I felt immediately that all that great energy I brought home was totally infectious. I really look at life through a different perspective and a lot of my friends are starting to come to yoga with me!

Keenan McLaren
Level Two Training, Mexico 2011

As I've come to expect from all the Baptiste programs I've attended, Baron and his staff are impeccable in their delivery. Baron has such a gift for delivering to people exactly what they need and he did not disappoint in Level Two!

Each day was a stepping stone on the week's journey and each day built on the previous one. I feel so grateful to have been a part of this week and this transformative journey! As for the Assisting team, they all played a role and did an amazing job. They were fun, personable and helpful. And they certainly did their part to make my experience that much richer and more meaningful.

And my fellow participants were just a blast! I enjoyed my week so much because of them. I admire them for their courage to open up and share and I appreciate their honesy and their integrity. They definitely supported me during the week so that I always felt like a part of the team - part of something bigger.

Pauline Cunningham
Level Two Training, Mexico 2011

This experience has changed my life. I very much look forward to more experiences with Baron and his team. Thank you for helping me to embrace a new way of being.

Elizabeth Sanders
Level One Training, New York 2011

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