• Front Desk Team, Boston Studios (Cambridge, MA and Brookline, MA)
  • Marketing & Digital Manager (Park City, UT)

Front Desk Team, Boston Studios

Location: Cambridge, MA and Brookline, MA

If you are interested in working with a team of dedicated individuals… who not only get to meet this talented community one by one… but also create new opportunities in your practice, your career and your life, then we definitely want to hear from you!  Join our Desk Team and support the Cambridge and Brookline Studios by checking in classes and assisting in our day-to-day operations in exchange for unlimited yoga! We are dedicated to growing all of our people and delivering experiences that give you MORE than you give us. Ready now? Click here to fill out our application!


Marketing & Digital Manager

Location: Park City, UT

At the Baptiste Institute, we exist to make a difference and empower people to realize and manifest what is of interest and of most importance to them. The Marketing & Digital Manager is a vital role within the Baptiste Institute. This individual is responsible for sharing what the Baptiste Institute is up to and generating enrollment into programs, developing beautiful and captivating collateral for all divisions, and managing the institute’s digital resources. The Marketing & Digital Manager is responsible for all areas of marketing and online experience. Duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Marketing & Communication | Responsible for sharing with our community and the world what the Baptiste Institute is up to, including, and not limited to, programs, trainings and products.

2. Partnerships | Responsible for partnering with our community to develop new ways to enroll people into programs and provide them with the tools to do so successfully. Responsible for developing new partnerships within the community and outside of the community through which BI can share new programs and products.

3. Graphic Design | Responsible for the design and development of print and digital collateral, and other special projects, such as the design of a teacher training manual.

4. Website Maintenance & Improvement | Responsible for managing the backend and frontend of any and all Baptiste Institute properties/URLs. Responsible for editing/writing code as needed to achieve desired user and institute experience.

5. Software Management | Responsible for managing the accounts and use of internal software, such as Evernote, Box, Basecamp, Hootsuite and Google, among others.

6. Social Media | Responsible for all content and strategic planning among social media channels. Create and plan unique and engaging content in partnership with other divisions that is consistent with business, branding and community objectives.

7. Image, Audio & Video Editing | Edit and produce images, audio and video files from raw and staged footage into products and/or future programm documents.

8. Branding | In collaboration with the Brand Manager, responsible for branding all digital goods for programs, social media and for the online store in line with the current brand of the Baptiste Institute.

9. Online Store | Create and edit all digital products; ensure these products work and are up to date. Engage content creators for specific products, and solve customer issues as they arise. Support the Retail Coordinator and other team members in understanding the backend of the online store and support/troubleshoot as needed.

10. 40 Days to Personal Revolution | Lead, plan and execute the online program, 40 Days to Personal Revolution.

11. Creating and Managing Relationships | Responsible for creating and maintaining new and existing relationships with content creators for products, blog and social media.

12. Processes and Procedures | Responsible for developing and maintaining effective processes and procedures including and not limited to programs, online store and social media. Documents must be created detailing any processes and procedures related to digital and community management.

13. Training | Responsible for training all necessary people on processes and procedures for social media, programs and website.

14. Finances | Responsible for managing expenses and remaining within budget.

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